Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

Shortest answer: possibly.

Slightly more elaborate answer: it depends on whether you are using a CBD isolate product  or a full-spectrum product.

Remember: A true CBD isolate has only CBD and no THC. The typical drug screening test is looking for metabolized THC in your urine. If you are using a CBD product from a reputable company with lab testing that shows 0% THC, you will not test positive for marijuana on a typical urinalysis (UA) tests that most employers use.

Many researches and physicians feel that a full-spectrum product is far more beneficial than an isolate product. So if you are using a full-spectrum CBD product, the answer to the drug screening question gets a bit murky. Many CBD products from contain up to .3% THC.  I know a few people who have tested positive using as little as 15mg, three times a day. I’ve read posts of people claiming to have tested positive from an even a few milligrams a day. I’ve also known people who have tested negative while taking far more THC than contained in the average full spectrum CBD product. Everyone metabolizes THC differently. Things like activity level, body composition, general metabolism, and even how hydrated you are when you take the test can affect whether or not you test positive for THC metabolites.

If you need to be 100% certain that you will test negative for marijuana, purchase your CBD only from companies like those in my provider list who will show you third-party lab results showing the exact concentration of THC in each batch of their products, then choose one with 0% THC.

In addition, you may want to perform a self test at home. One of my patients tested positive for the full spectrum CBD she was taking for her chronic pain. She was able to use self tests to modify her CBD dosage and product selection so that she still had adequate pain control with no fear of failing her employer-mandated drug screen. In her case, she started using a much lower dose of full-spectrum CBD and increased her use of CBD isolate. You can find self-test strips ad drugstores like CVS and Walgreen’s. I’ve heard people say they’ve seen them at the dollar stores. THESE were well-reviewed on Amazon and are less than 70 cents if you buy 16 pack.

One additional note is that topical CBD products should never make you test positive for THC. The THC is not absorbed through the skin.

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