How to Use CBD

How do I use CBD?


This is a commonly asked question and the answer continues to change as more new CBD products are introduced to the marketplace.  I’ll touch on several methods of use here and I’ll add to the page as I get more questions. Keep in mind that there are CBD products that contain no THC and products that contain a more significant amount of THC. Knowing what your local laws are and knowing what your specific needs are will help you to pick the right product.

The most common way people find CBD is in CBD oil. CBD oil can be extracted from the cannabis plant in several ways. One safe way of extracting CBD oil is through the use of CO2, which won’t leave dangerous chemical residue in the oil. Coconut oil is often used in the extraction process. The resultant CBD oil can be taken directly by mouth or put into capsules and swallowed.  CBD oil is often sold in small bottles with a dropper. The drops of oil can be placed under the tongue for 60-90 seconds so that the CBD can be absorbed. CBD oil can also be put into drinks or foods like candies and baked goods. Foods with CBD in them are often referred to as edibles.

CBD tinctures are cannabis extracts that are usually alcohol or vegetable glycerin based. These often have a lower concentration of CBD than oil.  Like some CBD oils, the tinctures are usually found in dropper bottles. These tinctures are also sold as sublingual sprays that you can spray directly under the tongue.

You can also use CBD oils by vaping, using pre-filled vape cartridges or refillable vape cartridges  using a vaporizer pen. This method has the fastest absorption rate, which allows you to feel the effects more quickly than other methods. Using these vape products allows you to avoid the by-products of smoking.


There are now a variety of topical CBD products. These can be lotions, creams, or salves. Many people rub these creams on the skin to provide pain relief and to decrease inflammation. These products often contain other substances like fragrance or essential oils.  Even if the topical product you buy has THC, it will not have psychoactive properties because it cannot reach the bloodstream through the skin. Despite not reaching the blood, topical creams can reach the cannabinoid receptors. The exception is that some topical patches can penetrate to the bloodstream, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

The last way to use that I’ll mention for now is smoking. There are cannabis plants that are bred now with very little THC and higher concentrations of CBD. These can be smoked or vaped in the same way one uses tobacco or higher-THC cannabis strains.


If you decide CBD is right for you, see our vetted providers page or our accessories page for companies to help you get started.


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