Could Cannabis compounds be used to treat colon cancer?


A newly-released study in the Journal of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research shows promise for using the compounds in Cannabis to fight colorectal cancer and polyps. In the study they used Cannabis sativa ethanol extracts on cancer and normal colon cell lines and on dysplastic adenomatous polyp cells. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosis. It is also the fourth leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide.

The researchers used multiple concentrates with different fractions of cannabinoids to treat the cancer and polyp cells. They used concentrates that had been heated and concentrates that had not been heated.  They found that unheated cannabis extract (which they called C2F) and two of the other cannabis concentrates (labeled as F3 and F7) were the most effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells. The F3 fractionate (concentrate) was was found to contain 91.20% CBGA. The F7 fractionate was over 90% THCA. They also found that combination of F3 and F7 also induced cell death in polyp cells. This study provides further evidence that the synergistic effect of using multiple cannabinoids is more effective than using isolates alone.  

Although these results are promising, it is important to remember that many chemicals have looked promising for killing cancer cells in vitro (in a test tube, in a culture dish, or outside a living organism) or in animal studies, but haven’t been effective in human studies. This is why it is so important to continue the study of the Cannabis plant. With enough research, the scientists may indeed find a cure.

The full text of the study referenced can be found HERE.

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