CBD Oil Scam!!

A CBD Oil Scam

I had been talking to one of my patients recently about the potential benefits of CBD. She had heard a lot of positive things from friends and she wanted my opinion. In my quest to provide the best CBD education in an easy-to-understand format, I asked her to take a look at CBDinfo.net and see if she had any questions that weren’t answered here.

The following week she came back to the clinic very excited. She stated that she had gotten selected for a “FREE TRIAL BOTTLE of CBD!!” She said she received an email the day after we had last spoken. The email told her that for only the cost of shipping, she would get two bottles of CBD oils to try. She entered her credit card and she got two packages of CBD oil within a week. She was confused because they came from two different companies. Neither shared a name with the company that had originally emailed her.

She knew something seemed fishy, so she brought in the CBD and printed off the email offer for me to inspect.  After a little bit of internet sleuthing and some reading of the companies literature, I spotted the scam. Deep in the terms and conditions, in the tiniest of fine prints, I saw the catch: a monthly subscription.My patient had unknowingly signed up for a recurrent order to the tune of $200 a month. The company was going to start charging her card for this CBD that she knew nothing about. Where did the hemp the CBD came from originate? Was it organically grown? Were there independent third-party lab results attesting to the strength and safety of the CBD? Was it full-spectrum or made from isolate? There was no way to know. I advised her to call them and cancel her “subscription” as soon as she got home. According to the terms in her agreement, she should be able to since she called so soon after receiving her products, but we’ll soon see how well that works out. I’ve heard horror stories about the kinds of companies that offer these scam subscriptions. Time will tell.Since then I learned that at least a dozen companies operate this way. They use many different names, but they all offer the “free bottle” of CBD for a small shipping charge. Don’t fall for these scams. There are many outstanding CBD vendors out there. None of them rely on scams to get you to try their products. Unfortunately there are a lot of shady companies out there looking to prey upon the people who are often desperate for relief.If you want to find CBD from a trustworthy company, do your research. Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you need. You can also see our list of vetted CBD providers HERE. There is no reason to spend your money on an inferior product with uncertain origins. Stay safe!