CBD is sold in many forms. Some of those require you to have additional equipment. I’ll have information here on what you need and where to find it.




Humboldt Vape Tech has some of the highest-reviewed vapes on the market.  Adding a Top Flow to either the Sai or Sequoia Pico setup is a great upgrade to an already fantastic vaporizer.  They only have water attachments for the Sais now, but they are coming soon for the Sequoias as well. Use the Save10% code at checkout on any non-sale item for an additional 10% off.



Yocan makes vape pens that you can use with isolates, wax, and slabs. Try one of their oil/wax vaporizers with a ceramic coil. It is a well-made product that is easy to use.


In addition, you may want to perform a self drug test at home to ensure you will not be at risk if asked to take a drug test for your employer. You can find self-test strips ad drugstores like CVS and Walgreen’s. I’ve heard people say they’ve seen them at the dollar stores. THESE TESTS were well-reviewed on Amazon and are less than 70 cents each when you buy a 16 pack.