About Me

I am a physical therapist in the United States. Due to the amount of publicity and excitement CBD products have garnered, I find myself answering my patients’ CBD questions on a daily basis. Although I do not work with pharmacology or botany, I do enjoy researching new things. I’m a science geek and an official nerd. I decided that I could help a lot more people by answering the questions I hear the most and posting them in a place where the knowledge could be shared. I will do my best to give the best information I can find, as soon as I find it. I am not a doctor and I am not advising you to make any changes to your personal health habits.  The information I provide on the site is true to the best of my knowledge. As the science changes and my own understanding of these subjects grows, I will do my best to make corrections in order to keep this as an accurate and trustworthy source of information.


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